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Largest places in Romania

The largest cities and places in Romania at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Romania.

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Largest places in Romania
Bucharest Bucharest1.Bucuresti Bucureşti1,877,155
Sector 3 Sector 32.Bucuresti Bucureşti385,439
Sector 6 Sector 63.Bucuresti Bucureşti367,760
Sector 2 Sector 24.Bucuresti Bucureşti345,370
Iasi Iaşi5.Iasi Iaşi318,012
Cluj-Napoca Cluj-Napoca6.Cluj Cluj316,748
Timisoara Timişoara7.Timis Timiş315,053
Craiova Craiova8.Dolj Dolj304,142
Constanta Constanţa9.Constanta Constanța303,399
Galati Galaţi10.Galati Galaţi294,087
Sector 4 Sector 411.Bucuresti Bucureşti287,828
Brasov Braşov12.Brasov Braşov276,088
Sector 5 Sector 513.Bucuresti Bucureşti271,575
Ploiesti Ploieşti14.Prahova Prahova228,851
Sector 1 Sector 115.Bucuresti Bucureşti225,453
Braila Brăila16.Braila Brăila213,569
Oradea Oradea17.Bihor Bihor206,614
Bacau Bacău18.Bacau Bacău171,396
Arad Arad19.Arad Arad169,065
Pitesti Piteşti20.Arges Argeş167,669
Sibiu Sibiu21.Sibiu Sibiu151,894
Targu-Mures Târgu-Mureş22.Mures Mureş146,863
Baia Mare Baia Mare23.Satu Mare Satu Mare137,976
Baia Mare Baia Mare24.Maramures Maramureş136,553
Buzau Buzău25.Buzau Buzău130,954
Botosani Botoşani26.Botosani Botoşani114,783
Satu Mare Satu Mare27.Satu Mare Satu Mare112,490
Ramnicu Valcea Râmnicu Vâlcea28.Valcea Vâlcea107,558
Suceava Suceava29.Suceava Suceava105,796
Piatra Neamt Piatra Neamţ30.Neamt Neamţ102,688
Drobeta-Turnu Severin Drobeta-Turnu Severin31.Mehedinti Mehedinţi102,346
Targu Jiu Târgu Jiu32.Gorj Gorj97,179
Tulcea Tulcea33.Tulcea Tulcea92,475
Targoviste Târgovişte34.Dambovita Dâmboviţa88,435
Bistrita Bistriţa35.Bistrita-Nasaud Bistriţa-Năsăud81,318
Resita Reşiţa36.Caras-Severin Caraş-Severin81,228
Slatina Slatina37.Olt Olt78,988
Focsani Focșani38.Vrancea Vrancea77,313
Vaslui Vaslui39.Vaslui Vaslui69,225
Hunedoara Hunedoara40.Hunedoara Hunedoara69,136
Giurgiu Giurgiu41.Giurgiu Giurgiu69,067
Roman Roman42.Neamt Neamţ67,819
Barlad Bârlad43.Vaslui Vaslui67,818
Deva Deva44.Hunedoara Hunedoara67,802
Alba Iulia Alba Iulia45.Alba Alba66,085
Zalau Zalău46.Salaj Sălaj63,232
Sfantu-Gheorghe Sfântu-Gheorghe47.Covasna Covasna60,677
Turda Turda48.Cluj Cluj54,586
Medias Mediaş49.Sibiu Sibiu53,040
Slobozia Slobozia50.Ialomita Ialomiţa52,710

1 - 50 of 500 places
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